What’s AppGreen?

AppGreen is a tool to help business owners build mobile catalog applications for iPad, iPhone or Android mobile devices. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service), providing cloud-based service that does not require users to have any prior technical knowledge in order to build their own mobile applications. Users can start from zero to create their own mobile catalog applications at AppGreen’s web-based portal. Adding products, uploading images, setting categories and importing existing online store data are possible. In addition to content management, users can publish the applications to AppGreen’s catalog viewing application – AppGreen Marketplace, or publish to the Apple App Store or the Android Market.



What’s a mobile catalog application?

A mobile catalog application allows your clients to view and buy your products on their mobile devices at any time in a more interactive way than a traditional paper catalog.

Why go mobile?

A recent research reveals that the world’s mobile Internet users are expected to increase 26-fold between 2010 and 2015, taking over that of desktop Internet users by 2015. We’re witnessing a huge transition between e-commerce and m-commerce. If you still don’t believe it, take a look of the people around you. The world’s changing, you know?