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Through the mobile platform, My Culture brings the latest cultural programmes to patrons in a timely manner whenever new information becomes available. The app covers cultural programmes presented, sponsored or jointly presented by LCSD and sponsored programmes under the Venue Partnership Scheme. It also covers film programmes and museum special exhibitions organised by LCSD. The app aims mainly to disseminate brief programme information to users in a user-friendly manner and thus promote the cultural programmes.

Our Mission

Apart from quick programme search by genres, venues, dates and keyword, we also design the user interface with programme and ticketing information integrated in a neat way after considering the user needs. Since LCSD aims at promoting the local cultural programmes, therefore we add the events in the cultural venues nearby and social sharing function which let users search and share their favourite programmes. Moreover, My Culture also covers interesting trivia about arts and culture to let users have a more comprehensive understanding towards the arts and culture.


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