HKeMobility App

With HKeMobility’s wide popularity, a lot of user feedback is collected. In order to better serve the public by improving the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for HKeMobility, we arranged to revamp the UI UX design and would like to get the public feedback based on the current HKeMobility application and new designed HKeMobility application layout.

Scope of works:

  • Point-to-point public transportation route search (by number of interchanges, fares and estimated journey time to select route options)
  • Point-to-point driving-route searching (by shortest distance / shortest travel time / lowest toll)
  • Provide information about two-way sectional fare and interchange concession fare scheme, real-time vacancy information of selected car parks, on-street parking spaces for different types of vehicles and no-stopping restrictions
  • Providing public transport information, such as stop locations, fare tables, etc.
  • Optional route designed for persons with visual or mobility impairment.
    latest traffic news and alerts on public transport service disruption