Tai Ping App

A Tai Ping custom project typically starts with design development. The client may propose their own ideas or may use a Tai Ping collection, or they may simply have a colour palette and genre in mind and leave the rest to the Tai Ping design team. Tai Ping offers 80+ different material choices, including wool, silk, cashmere, flax and cotton. The standard pom box contains 560 colour choices, although each year over 2,000 unique colours are produced. The APP allows users to easily browse the design and collection, and enhance the shopping experience in the showroom for the customer.

Scope of Work

  • UIUX Design
  • E-catalog (Support text, HD images, Video)
  • Digitalised the checkout process
  • Integration of the CMS to Oracle
  • Stock Selling
  • Centralized inventory
  • code (Scant the QR code to open the product details)
  • Membership system
  • Download report
  • Generate PDF
  • Integration of the Google Analytic